Our Beliefs

You are meant to be outside. A cluttered computer screen is no replacement for a mountain vista or babbling brook. Stop looking down at a glowing screen and look up at the evening sky. Dinner prepared over an open flame always tastes better than one from a box wrapped in cellophane. Sometimes getting lost in thick, green undergrowth is the only sure way to find your true self. No need to worry about traffic jams and stalled line-ups. The only crowds you’ll find are headed upstream or quietly grazing in a hillside meadow. Trade in roof tops for tree tops and concrete for conifers. You are meant to be outside.

No room for khakis or three-piece suits. You need gear that will be comfortable and can keep up with you every step of the way. Ask anyone who spends more time under blue skies than fluorescent lights: It’s a lifestyle. So while you’re out there, why not put some style into your life. Hunting and fishing apparel styled to your way of life.

Stix & Stones was created to be there with you. From high up in a tree stand fixed above the forest floor to waist deep in a cool mountain stream, Stix & Stones designs garments for those seeking just such adventures yet prefer to have some style included. Traditional hunting and fishing garments are just that: traditional. Today’s outdoor enthusiast demands apparel that not only keeps you comfortable, but looks great while doing it. Utilizing cues from graphic design, illustration, and the action sports industry, Stix & Stones aims to provide a unique brand experience to those looking for a change from the status quo. At home deep in the woods or lounging lakeside after a long day, Stix & Stones is a brand for the discerning outdoor enthusiast.

Get out there and find those roads less traveled. Spool up the rods, check the ammo, and follow the morning sun. It’s the most amazing reality show you’ll ever watch and without the annoying monthly bill. Leave it all behind for a while. Make that a really, really, really long while. You are meant to be outside.

Stix & Stones.