We at STIX & STONES Anglers and Hunters Inc. care about the environment, our wildlife and their habitats. This is why we have started to go GREEN! We have removed all plastic poly bags, wasteful throwaway mailers, post cards and paper invoices. Our packing and shipping process consists of the physical purchased products, 100% recyclable shipping bags, packing tape, recyclable shipping labels and boxes. There are no wasteful items added to your orders. It’s not fancy but it helps cut back on our waste by 85%!

All of our T-shirts, long sleeves, tank tops and face masks are designed with water soluble inks which doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals (No PVC, No phthalates). Instead it’s comprised of naturally occurring substances, which is made by suspending a 100% biodegradable pigment into a water base ink.

We live in a world of changing climate, loss of habitats and threats to our wildlife. When you turn to the news, you almost feel that there is little to no hope for the fate of our wildlife and their habitats. However, there is much you can do to help protect and conserve our wildlife and their habitats on a big and a small scale. When everyone chips in, it can make a massive difference. The following are ways to help protect our wildlife and their habitats, ultimately making the world a better place.



It is not always all about money. Sometimes, all you need to do is donate your time. Many organizations and zoos have introduced volunteer programs to help clean beaches, rescue wild animals. No matter how little your efforts might seem, that contribution can make a massive difference!


Recycle where possible

The number one enemy to the safety of our wildlife and their habitats is our waste. Try to find new ways of using the things that you already own. For instance, instead of discarding plastics into the environment, you can look for a company that can create hunting and fishing gear by using recycled material. Follow your local recycling charts, not everything is recyclable. Recycling charts...


Don't be afraid to speak up

There is nothing wrong with sharing your passion for wildlife conservation with your family, friends and the community at large. Whenever you get a chance, tell your friends how they can help. Be prepared to encourage as many people as possible to conserve the wildlife and protect their habitats in whichever capacity they can. 


Planting native plants

Whether it is your garden or any other land, planting plants is one of the best ways to preserve local creatures' natural habitat. It is suitable for the population of the animals and keeps the invasive species away that may be a problem for the native fauna. 


Buy sustainable products 

Try as much as possible to buy sustainable products, including fishing and hunting gear that are not harmful to the environment. Being responsible for all your actions should go a long way toward making the world a better place. 


Donate to wildlife charities 

While it might seem a bit obvious, not everyone knows the importance of donating to wildlife charities such as. The World Wildlife Fund, The Wildlife Conservation Society, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Ducks Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited Canada just to list a few. The more money received to these charities, the more the responsible organizations can do to help out the conservation efforts around the world. Whether it is a big or small donation, every little bit of money helps. 

If you love nature as much as we do, then protecting wildlife and their habitats should be a no-brainer. We are responsible for the future of our wildlife and their habitats. Let’s make a difference together!