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River Clean Up

River Clean Up

In July we helped host and gather a group of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts for a river clean-up. Joseph Ward, Dave Gray, and Daniel Favato, local residents and conservation advocates helped in organizing the event.


Together as a group, we all tackled a small portion of the road and riverbank along the Credit River in Brampton, Ontario. It was a great time, a humbling experience, and something that we hope to make a regular event!



However, it was sad to see what some people left behind. We found what you might typically expect to find, with Tim Horton cups picked up, plastic water bottles, papers, and cans found. It was really disheartening to find car batteries, bathroom and kitchen renovation garbage, and a garbage bag that was tied up with a decayed animal in it!


Sadly, some people don’t care enough to pick up their trash, and even more sad that some think that it is okay to leave trash like that.


We aren’t going to change the world with our clean-up efforts. BUT we can do just that… make an effort to clean up! If you want to make a difference, be a difference. While we were cleaning up, many people stopped and asked how they could participate in the next clean up! Our group encouraged bystanders to at least think about cleaning up - a good start. Hopefully it also encouraged others to take the initiative themselves to clean-up.


A simple task we can all practice is packing out more than we pack in. In other words, pick up some garbage every time you go out. Bring a small bag with you and fill that up. Pick up fishing line left by other anglers, or the shotgun shells left by hunters and other rubbish you might find on the hiking trails.


If you are hosting a clean up, we would love to help promote the event and if we can help in any way, please reach out!